Hey B-Movie Cast family! This time on the show we have a special treat as Fiona (Nic’s wife) joins Mary and Nic to talk about the New Zealand Mocumentary: “What We Do In The Shadows”. This is what happens when 4 cooky vampires share a flat! Lots of fun!

Also- Mary is now in the “Outage”. This is a period that happens about every 18 months at the nuclear plant she works at. During the outage she works six 12 hour night shifts every week! So time for podcasting is cut short. We’ll see about recording a couple of more, but no promises!

Keep an eye on the site and the Facebook fan page and you’ll catch the next show!

Now enjoy some vampire fun with Episode 383- What We Do In The Shadows!

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Episode 382: Prometheus

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Howdy B-Movie Cast friends and family! This time on the show we have a special guest from the U.K. – the coolest photographer ever- Mark Mawston!

Mary, Mark and Nic take a look at the much loved (and for some not so much loved) “Alien” series film: “Prometheus”. This was a favorite of Vince’s and Mark, Vince and Nic joked a lot about being the only people other than Ridley Scott who love the film! Now it’s time to find out why we think it’s awesome! 

Mary also wanted to give a big shout out to Daryl at Screem Magazine! Issue 32 was dedicated to Vince! Also, since we’re talking “Prometheus” this time on the cast it’s exciting to announce that Screem Magazine issue #33’s cover story will be about “Alien: Covenant” and feature an interview with John Logan, the man who wrote the film’s screenplay!  -You can check out Screem Magazine here: http://screemag.com/index.php 

Also- Not B-movie but still pretty cool, Fiona has just launched her new Food and Travel site British Food and Travel! (www.BritishFoodandTravel.com

Oh and be sure to stop by the contest page and send us your feedback! 

Email us at BMovieCast@gmail.com, send us an MP3 file or call our toll free number (Mary has that one figured out!). 

Finally- the nominations are out for the 2016 Rondo Awards and a lot of B-Movie Clubhouse folks are getting nods-

Mark Mawston, Rod Barnett, Derek Koch, Screem Magazine and Cinema Retro Magazine, to name a few, are all nominated for different categories! Visit the site and vote for your favorites! http://rondoaward.com/rondoaward.com/blog/

So sit back, grab a TV dinner and your favorite beverage and tune in for the new episode! 

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Hey B-Movie Cast listeners! After a bit of technical difficulty and some unavoidable delays we have a new episode up! This time the gang takes a look at a film Vince loved and wanted to do on the cast. “The Big Lebowski”! This is truly a movie that doesn’t let the plot get in the way of the story as Jeff Bridges brings one of his most unique characters to the screen as he searches for justice… or at least a replacement for his rug. After all, that rug really brought the room together man.  Put on your bowling shoes, get your favorite German nihilist LP out, fix yourself a white Russian and listen in while Mary, Juan and Nic talk about The Dude and try real hard to abide!

Don’t forget to visit the contest page for this episode’s ‘name the movie’ contest.

Also- we are doing better with the voice mails and MP3’s so keep sending those in along with your emails! 
We LOVE to hear from you guys!


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Hey Folks! The gang at the B-Movie Clubhouse decided to start the New Year off right with a movie that is… unique.

Pulgasari- A Kaiju movie made by a kidnapped South Korean filmmaker for a crazy communist dictator with dreams of making North Korean cinema great again! (Was it ever great?)

Mary, Juan and Nic take on this special film that is more interesting for its backstory than it’s plot!

Also, check it out and also check out our contest page for a new photo!

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This time on the B Movie Cast, Mary, Juan and Nic decide to tackle on of the biggest controversies of modern times: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Whether you think it is or not, it’s tough to argue that Die Hard didn’t help define a new genre of action movies!

So tune in and join the fun at the B Movie Clubhouse and by the way- Happy Holidays!

Also, check out this week’s contest! It’s a picture from a movie we’ve done on the B Movie Cast!

Ho, Ho, Ho… Now I have a machine gun!

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Hey Folks the B-Movie Cast is BACK!
This time Mary, Juan and Nic check out The Empire of Dracula or “How I learned to stop worrying and love the Vampiro de Mexico!).

We also finally have some of the audio feedback we’ve been getting posted and Mary gets to read the emails on the air because we deleted some files on her recorder’s memory card!

Also – Check out the contest page- there’s a new picture up and I’m expecting a lot of entries in this week’s contest so don’t disappoint us!

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