Episode 386- Life Force


This time on the B-Movie Cast Mary & Nic are joined by Mark Mawston from the UK! We take a look at a favorite bit of 80s SciFi “Lifeforce”. Don’t remember it? How about we say ‘That movie where Mathilda May runs around naked and drains the energy out of everyone’? Yes that movie!
One of Cannon Films bigger budget ventures, Lifeforce has a cast of amazing international talent including Star Trek The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart in the role that gave him his first on screen kiss (and it wasn’t with Mathilda either…).
Also in this episode, Mark brought a clip from his recent interview with Alan Tomkins (art director for Lifeforce) so we get to here some cool production stories from the man who put together the look of this space vampire fest!
So sit back, get some popcorn and a beer while the B-Movie Cast team check out “Lifeforce”!

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