B Movie Cast Episode 377: Bubba Ho-Tep



Hey B-Movie Clubhouse gang!
We’re back with a new Halloween episode!

This time Mark Mawston is joining us from the UK and we’re getting out our sequined jumpsuits for some Elvis fun with “Bubba Ho-Tep”!
What happens when Elvis and JFK take on an ancient Egyptian soul-sucking mummy? Well you’ll need to watch the movie to find out.
However, if you tune in to this episode you’ll catch Mary, Mark and Nic giving some love to this modern classic!

Side notes:

New contest photo up on the contest page!

Still having a little trouble with the feedback- however, keep sending your emails to BMovieCast@gmail.com we’re getting them and reading them. we literally ran out of space on the drive Marry is using so we couldn’t read them off this time. However, we will get back to that soon! Also still having trouble with the phone in messages. However, we’re working on that too. You can always send us an MP3 through dropbox to the B Movie Cast Gmail account.

Final note- Juan will be back next time, we’re limited to only 2 call ins right now.

Happy Halloween and remember- Keep watching the skies!

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