B-Movie Cast Episode 383: What We Do In The Shadows


Hey B-Movie Cast family! This time on the show we have a special treat as Fiona (Nic’s wife) joins Mary and Nic to talk about the New Zealand Mocumentary: “What We Do In The Shadows”. This is what happens when 4 cooky vampires share a flat! Lots of fun!

Also- Mary is now in the “Outage”. This is a period that happens about every 18 months at the nuclear plant she works at. During the outage she works six 12 hour night shifts every week! So time for podcasting is cut short. We’ll see about recording a couple of more, but no promises!

Keep an eye on the site and the Facebook fan page and you’ll catch the next show!

Now enjoy some vampire fun with Episode 383- What We Do In The Shadows!

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