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Don Sullivan

On this show I interview actor Don Sullivan thanks to Ron Adams of Creepy Clasics.com and The Monster Bash. Don has appeared in movies and television programs in the 50’s and 60’s. And is one of my favorite genre film actors. Some of his films are The Giant Gila Monster (1959), The Monster of Piedras Blancas (1959) and Teenage Zombies (1959).

Show Notes

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hi, loved the interview with don sullivan. If you speak with him again tell him another couple of reasons for the popularity of his films are one, his acting rises above the material. Two, during the sixties and early seventies, Dr. shock(from the philadelphia area) and other hosts showed his films constantly. I must have seen the giant gila monster and monster of piedres blancas 12 times or so before I was 10. thanks loved the show, John Baker, Wilm. DE.


horror hosts are unpaid publicity agents. they hype actors careers long after the actor retires or ventures into the other realm. don sullivan is great, to all of us dons pictures are A pictures.Tell him that. keep up the great work hope to hear a new interview soon.


Huge thanks for the Don Sullivan interview! Don’s movies are some of the finest things in this world. A-movies grow stale real fast: the acting (even Brando’s), the shooting styles, everything goes out of fashion. Don’s movies were never quite right to begin with; what works is the spirit behind them. Don’s work in GIANT GILA MONSTER has more resonance today than any of James Dean’s performances from the same era, or Steve McQueen’s in the next. Don doesn’t come off like the marvel of his acting class, he isn’t out to astonish anybody, he doesn’t move himself to tears. What he brings to his role—what he puts into his work—is a good heart.


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