Episode 395: The Killer Shrews


This time the B-Movie Cast gang welcomes a special guest: Brian Cunningham! Brian is a professional filmmaker and co-owner of Thought Fly Productions in Louisville Kentucky. He’s worked with Nic on two film projects so far (“Loss Prevention” and “Wretch”) and when he’s not busy making movies he’s watching them!

Since we had a special guest for this week’s movie we thought we’d check out something really good. That didn’t work out so instead we’re doing “The Killer Shrews”!  That’s right! From Ray Kellogg, the man who brought us “The Giant Gila Monster” comes a tale of science gone wrong, of unrequited love, and most of all… the dangers of tripping over a log when running away from a pack of dogs with mops draped over them! Yes “The Killer Shrews”, a film that asks the question “what’s the tiniest, most harmless looking animal we can find and how can we convince people to be scared of it?” 

So grab a beer, warm up the TV dinner and get ready for a love triangle between the runner-up for Miss Universe 1957, Roscoe P. Coletran and Festus… that’s right it’s “The Killer Shrews”! 

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