Episode 397: OCTAMAN!


This time on the B-Movie Cast Mary and Nic are joined by special guest Rod Barnett of the “Bloody Pit of Rod” and “The NaschyCast” and the gang gets out our deep sea gear and dives into the eight-armed ball of fun that is 1971’s OCTAMAN! Get ready for all the fun of a film that asks the burning question “what if THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON had tentacles and the science team showed up in an RV?”

The first film to showcase the talents of Oscar Winning FX master Rick Baker, OCTAMAN is a one of a kind B-Movie gem and we’re going to look at every facet! So grab a beer, a TV dinner and, if you like Octopus Sushi, a bit of soy sauce and get ready for OCTAMAN on the B-Movie Cast!

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